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We accelerate leadership development.

Dr. Craig Muller

Our solution is based on the philosophy that
the whole is greater than the sum of its
parts. This embodies the general and
fundamental opportunities concerning our
existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind
and language.




Pick a Topic

Watch a Lecture

Manage Your Study Curve


Pay Per Class

“The man behind it, must not rest until the world changes.”

Theolen Thevan

(Kerry Foods)

“This programme has been a journey of learning, growth and development. The model has potential to engage and influence people across age, education, class and culture as it is not bound to a rigid concept or theory of what a leader or leadership is. Instead, it explores that which comprises moral, effective human functioning, especially in a leadership context.”

Vernon Moodley

(Kerry Foods)

“It was a wonderful and enlightening experience. I have learnt about myself weakness and strengths, and how to grow and improve as a person. I feel the content learnt will help me be a great manager and leader in the future.”

Kaveshin Govender

(Kerry Foods)

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